Firstly I must apologise - I haven't kept to my blog-a-day promise that I made last week. We've been super busy working, studying, and chasing votes for this VOOM competition! 

That in mind I'd really like to take some time out to acknowledge the amazing support we have received from the University of Bristol so far. As a founding team of students and graduates, we expected that the University would be helpful, but many staff have gone above and beyond in order to help LettUs Grow succeed! Here's just a few examples: 

1)  Engineering Design have been incredibly supportive in helping us gain votes for VOOM & provided prototyping space over Spring 2016. 

2) The support that we won from the University's New Enterprise Competition has been vital to our prototyping process and in helping us run a good VOOM campaign.

3) The PR teams at Bristol SU and the University have been really kind -  helping us spread the word about LettUs Grow far & wide!  

4) And finally, the students! Who have been amazing in supporting us, voting, and generally backing us to make a change. 

You are all great! :)