It feels really strange to look all the way back to the 5th of April when we started this campaign.

At the beginning of this VOOM campaign we were revealing LettUs Grow to the world for the first time - and genuinely didn't know how the public would react. The response has been overwhelming, so many people have voted, pledged, or been really supportive of our mission. It's really validating!

Not only that, but we now have the cash, publicity, and business leads, to really take LettUs Grow to the next level over Summer 2016.

But sadly over the last day or two we have been dropping out of the top 80 places - and therefore may not get the chance to actually pitch to Richard Branson. That's a shame as we think we are well placed to help him in his/Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution:

We need to be top 80 by midnight on Monday - so just need to make up 11 places in 3 days! If everyone who's voted so far just got one extra person to vote this weekend then we will be safe - please give it a go and ask someone to vote for us through Facebook using this link here:

Thank you all so much, The LettUs Grow Team :)