And breathe. After a really busy month here at LettUs Grow HQ, we are all finally getting the chance to sit back and reflect upon some fantastic achievements, alongside building looking forward to an exciting 2018. Read on for the month in review! 


Let's start with the reason we're all here, helping farmers grow tasty food! December has proved the culmination of a great deal of work by our engineers, resulting in the deployment of our aeroponic hardware into our local vertical farm, Grow Bristol. 

This means that the baton has now been passed to our "growing team" of biologists and environmental scientists to demonstrate the how rapidly this hardware can grow tasty leafy greens, strawberries, and much more, over the new year.  

Results thus far have been clear, with the LettUs Grow aeroponic pea shoots reaching same size (and biomass) as the hydroponic pea shoots - in half the time. 

This particular comparison was made through a experiment specifically set up to compare yield between hydroponic and aeroponic systems, and as such, both sets of peas were grown using the same lighting, environment, water, and nutrient dosing procedure.

We're excited to continue to produce and publish these results over 2018, hopefully sharing the benefits of aeroponics with the widest possible audience.

Partnerships, Investment & Events

As alluded to above, we are very proud to have established a really strong R&D focused partnership with Grow Bristol, our local vertical farm. This has resulted in broad deployment of both our aeroponic hardware and farm management software. All of which is focused on improving productivity and crop quality, whilst rendering the farm simpler to operate. 

Alongside growing plants, the management team has also been focused on growing the business! As a result, it was fantastic to complete the 3-month Bethnal Green Ventures program of advice and investment with a pitch at our demo-day on the 29th of November. We have been immensely proud to work for 3 months alongside some brilliant other startups focused on delivering social and environmental impact, and are excited to continue to work with such closely aligned social investors as we move towards our seed round of investment in Q1 2018.

Our aeroponic greens on show in Borough Market, London Food tech week.

Our aeroponic greens on show in Borough Market, London Food tech week.

This followed on from our showcase in Borough Market through the brilliant London Food Tech Week and participation in the IoT Boost national showcase, both of which resulted in an exciting end to November!

The good news continued through the rest of December, as we were very pleased to be selected to pitch at the national SETsquared investment showcase in London, before also winning funding and consultancy from the University of Bristol enterprise competition.

Festive Reflection

None of this could have happened without the continued, brilliant hard work of the whole team. The fact that this progress was delivered over just one month is very impressive, and a Christmas break very well deserved! 

However, this is really just the beginning, with an expanded team, more test space, and some exciting new partnerships moving quickly down our pipeline for Q1 next year. So make sure you also keep an eye out for the next blog post, where we will look forward to a very exciting 2018.

But for now we'll take a break, and sign off by wishing you a Merry Cress-mas and Hap-pea New Year!!