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Given the recent very exciting funding news, as founders we would like to reaffirm our vision for LettUs Grow™ and share some of our planned next steps towards achieving this goal.

Our Vision

The vision for LettUs Grow™ has always been to be a profitable technology company that allows farmers of all scales, home to factory, bring food production closer to the plate, resulting in fresher produce, with better taste, and less of the waste currently generated from transporting food thousands of miles. This company will have a positive environmental impact whilst also being a commercially sustainable business within the rapidly growing indoor agriculture sector.

We believe that enabling citizens to grow a meaningful amount of food with ease, as locally as possible, will be vital for the health and wellbeing of future generations living in crowded 21st century cities, and our planet.

Simply, we want to help feed the next generation.

To achieve this, LettUs Grow™ have utilised our expertise in aeroponic growth of crop plants to design unique grow beds for the indoor agriculture industry. LettUs Grow™ integrate a patent-pending irrigation system with a range of sensors, into a hardware and software solution, all in order to generate the simplest growing experience for you, the end user. 

We are driven to bring people closer to their food, by providing the technology for hyper-local Urban Gardens in the modern community, and larger Urban Farms for supplying the modern city.

Join Us

We hope you are excited as us by this brilliant news and are prepared to join us on this journey.

Over the next few months we will have a wide range of opportunities for you to engage with LettUs Grow™. We'll be looking for your input, experiences and opinions - which will inform the full range of LettUs Grow™ products to be released over the coming years!

Keep an eye out for further blog updates and sign-up to our newsletter for more details.