It is hard to keep track of the amount we've learnt from establishing and growing LettUs Grow™ over the past year, although we are trying! Two key lessons that jump out though are that:

  1. Research & Development (particularly for hardware) takes time!
  2. Building novel, better, technology is one of the best ways to spend your time before launching a business, as it can deliver a competitive advantage.

Bio-techno-logical Research

One of our key areas of progress over spring 2017 has been on the research and development of our aeroponic technology, which is how we deliver water and nutrients to plant roots as a fine mist. 

Jack has had his head buried in the scientific and hobbyist literature defining the best practise and we're super excited about some of the ways we can improve existing technology. This research builds on our practical success over Winter 2016 in growing large quantities of fresh produce.

Technology goals

Our core technology has applications across agriculture, but fundamentally will allow us to deliver the most productive and space-efficient LettUs Grow™ products possible, which is our #1 goal! We will be seeking to patent this technology within the latter months of 2017.

Returning to my original point, this R&D is both slow and vital, which we hope explains the time we've taken to get it right. At LettUs Grow™ we are striving to be the best, and that doesn't arrive overnight! 

To accelerate our progress we are exploring several exciting collaborations that will be announced over the next few months and will combine our knowledge with cutting edge expertise. We are always open to advice, or collaborations, so please get in touch through our contact form with any thoughts, or if you'd like to meet for a coffee/beer/salad!