We are very excited to announce that LettUs Grow™ has been awarded a transformative Innovate UK grant to accelerate our development as an agricultural technology company. LettUs Grow™ design unique aeroponic products that help vertical farmers grow delicious and sustainable fresh produce, 365-days a year, without the complexity of existing systems.

Based in Bristol, the three founders - Ben Crowther, Jack Farmer and Charlie Guy - have been awarded a £55,029 Innovate UK Design Foundations grant to drive LettUs Grow™ towards a successful first product launch. Following an over-funded crowdfunding campaign, significant prototype development and testing, and recent successes in other national grant schemes, this builds upon an exciting first year of operation for the company.


LettUs Grow™ products enable vertical farmers to grow a wide range of crops from seed in a matter of weeks, with tailored irrigation and minimal user input. Managing Director of LettUs Grow™, Charlie Guy, explained some of the issues that the company are trying to address:

“Humanity must double food production to feed 9 billion people by 2050. All with 25% less farmland, worse soil, and an unstable climate. Currently, the majority of our “fresh” produce is imported out of season, often travelling hundreds of miles to reach our plates, at the expense of our planet and palate. Something must change.

The trio, who are housed in the University of Bristol’s Centre for Innovation, have partnered with Crux Product Design, an award winning Bristol based design consultancy, to refine their solutions before product launch early in 2018. As a mix of engineering design and biology graduates, the team are accustomed to the principles behind the Design Foundations grant. Applying these to their own business, in partnership with the expertise and experience of Crux, represents an exciting new stage of growth for LettUs Grow™.

Crux Product Design represent proven design expertise and have been specifically chosen to collaborate with LettUs Grow™ for this grant. Crux have amassed over a decade’s worth of experience designing medical products, elite sportswear and consumer goods used by millions worldwide. Their talented team of designers and engineers know what it takes to bring innovative products to market that are both functional and desirable.


Oliver Needham, lead designer at Crux, says: 

“We are relishing the opportunity to collaborate with an exciting Bristol start-up; working in an area that we are confident is going to continue to grow in relevance and uptake. LettUs Grow™ have demonstrated the need, consumer desire and technological capability to shake up our food chains. We look forward to working with them to design an end-product that takes vertical farms to the next level.”

If you are interested in finding out more about LettUs Grow™, have technical experience with aeroponics or keen to get involved in a local Bristol start-up, then contact Managing Director Charlie Guy. To find out more about their progress and be the first to know about product launch dates sign up to the LettUs Grow™ mailing list and join their growing community. You can also follow their blog or keep up with their progress on Twitter and Facebook!

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