The world-renowned Dr Antony Dodd, whose internationally leading research focuses on circadian rhythms, plant physiology and environmental signalling, has been awarded a Royal Society Industry Fellowship to contribute to product development LettUs Grow.

Dr Dodd will be working closely with us to apply fundamental plant sciences to the advancement of our indoor farming technologies. This will involve combining Dr Dodd’s expertise in circadian rhythms and plant physiology with the work of our incredible team of biologists and engineers to design optimal aeroponic cultivation recipes. This will enable us to optimise our systems for individual crop species and consistently increase yields.

Dr Dodd said, “This represents an outstanding opportunity to apply fundamental plant sciences to the development of the next generation of technologies for food production by vertical agriculture.”

Our co-founder and Operational Lead, Jack Farmer said, "The alignment of plant circadian rhythms with lighting photoperiod represents a real opportunity to improve yields, whilst reducing the cost of production. We're very excited to work with Dr Antony Dodd to optimise a wide range of indoor farming techniques."

The year-long Fellowship provides funds to allow Dr Dodd to dedicate time to working closely with LettUs Grow.