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Our Story

The Beginning

Why are we doing this? 

Now I don't want to repeat the homepage but it's probably best to start with the reason why LettUs Grow began in the first place!

In Autumn 2014, one of the co-founders, Jack, entered himself into a social enterprise ideas competition. He knew he wanted to get involved with a sustainable enterprise, particularly in the food industry, which just seemed hugely less innovative a sector than energy of transport.

Source - Edie Newsroom

Source - Edie Newsroom

The major driver was always food waste - the 30% predicted global food wastage we often refer to, or the numerous other incredible figures. Fundamentally it is wrong to be so wasteful when people are hungry - and it's also particularly unhelpful when we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as we do!

Over the course of those two days, and the next few months after, a possible solution developed. How about a properly distributed food growing system? Where we could grow food as close to the plate as possible. Now that could be efficient and tasty...