Beta Herb Garden

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Beta Herb Garden


Our Beta Herb Garden allows you to grow the freshest herbs possible. Quite literally meters from your plate.

OUT OF STOCK. We apologise but are now back-ordered until February 2017.

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Enjoy the taste of freshness

We've made growing produce easy. All you need to do is plant a seed, tell the app what type of seed you've planted and add some water. The herb garden will then nurture your seed into a fully fledged plant and the app will ask you to add more water if needed.

Our Herb Gardens grow a wide range of salad and herb varieties, so you won't be limited to those same four fresh herbs every time!

Easy and reliable

Once you've told the app what you've planted, that's it. The herb garden will automate light levels and get on with it! When the plant is ready to harvest the app will let you know.

By controlling the settings in your herb garden there's no chance you'll over or under water you're plants, the lighting will make sure they always get enough light and growing indoors protects your plants from the cold and pests. Making our herb gardens the most reliable way of growing!

Fast plant growth

Our herb gardens use some really clever tech to help your plants grow as quickly as possible.

We've built on work by NASA and use ultrasonic waves to create a fine mist of water and nutrients. Because the water is suspended in small droplets the roots can absorb them very quickly, the roots get lots of oxygen and it's gentler on the roots meaning they can grow into extremely fine structures.

Our lights are tailored for efficiency too. By emitting only the colours of light needed for plant growth we can make sure plants grow as efficiently as possible.

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We're always updating, modifying and playing with our herb gardens. So we though you might like to as well.

Our herb garden is open source and has been designed to be laser cut from any material. We want you to experiment and show us how you like to grow. We've left all the prototyping hardware under the lid so you can modify, or make, your own.

Check out our Instructable tutorial (coming soon!) and get involved with our early adopter community!